Our Quality Control Department has all the modern inspection instruments, equipment and facilities to ensure that every product printed sheets or Finished cans packed to dispatch is of good quality and confirms to the requirements of the customer right from the purchase of the material till the dispatching of finished product takes place.
    Regular inspection at timely intervals is done during all the stages of production for all aspects of a good quality product. Proper care is taken in handling and storing of the cans meant for packing Food products.

All printed sheets and cans are checked for quality before they are dispatched the ones which do not pass the quality parameters are scrapped right away.

Some of the checking Parameters through which the products pass.

1. Sheets of correct Thickness & Temper for a     particular Product.
2. Can seam Welding Strength is checked by Ball Tester.

3. Top & Bottom are lined with rubber compound; this rubber weight is controlled and     maintained.
4. Tops & Bottoms are seamed to the can. The Can's product (Paint, Oil etc.) holding     strength depends upon the Seam Quality; to check this, the Can is cut at the     seamed points and is viewed in a Profile Projector which gives a magnified view of     the cut portion.
5. Leak Test: The can is fully immersed in the water tank and compressed air is filled
    in the can to check for air bubbles.
6. Drop Test: For all cans the Lid & Plastic Spout fitment is very important. This is     checked by filling the can with the water and dropping it.